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POROUS MEDIA: Applications in Biological Systems and Biotechnology

Kambiz Vafai
Buku  ini  diterbitkan oleh CRC Press tahun 2011. Cakupan 602  halaman.
Daftar isi:

  1. A General Set of Bioheat Transfer Equations Based on the Volume Averaging Theory, 1
  2. Mathematical Models of Mass Transfer in Tissue for Molecular Medicine with Reversible Electroporation, 45
  3. Hydrodynamics in Porous Media with Applications to Tissue Engineering, 75
  4. Biomedical Implications of the Porosity of Microbial Biofilms, 121
  5. Influence of Biofilms on Porous Media Hydrodynamics, 173
  6. Using Porous Media Theory to Determine the Coil Volume Needed to Arrest Flow in Brain Aneurysms, 231
  7. Lagrangian Particle Methods for Biological Systems, 251
  8. Passive Mass Transport Processes in Cellular Membranes and their Biophysical Implications, 295
  9. Skin Electroporation: Modeling Perspectives, 331
  10. Application of Porous  Media  Theories in Marine Biological Modeling, 365
  11. The Transport of Insulin-Like Growth Factor through Cartilage, 399
  12. Biotechnological  and  Biomedical Applications of Magnetically Stabilized and Fluidized Beds, 455
  13. In Situ Characterizations of  Porous  Media for Applications in Biofuel Cells: Issues and Challenges, 489
  14. Spatial Pattern Formation of Motile Microorganisms: From Gravitactic Bioconvection to Protozoan Culture Dynamics, 535
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