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Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World, Volume 2: Remediation of Air and Water Pollution

Eric Lichtfouse; Jan Schwarzbauer; Didier Robert
Buku ini diterbitkan oleh Springer tahun 2012. Cakupan 567 halaman.
Daftar isi:

Part I. Air and Water Pollution
  1. Environmental Fate of Chiral Pharma-ceuticals: Determination, Degradation and Toxicity, 3
  2.  Pollutant-Induced Decay of Building Materials, 47
  3.  Novel Bioreactors for Waste Gas Treatment, 121
  4.  Extraction Procedures for Organic Pollu-tants Determination in Water, 171
  5.  Oxidation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins by Chlorine Dioxide. Implications for Water Treatment, 237
  6.  Biodegradation of Azo Dyes from Waste-water, 255
  7.  Air Quality Monitoring with Lichens in India. Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, 277

Part II Remediation

  1. Electrochemical Remediation Technologies for Waters Contaminated by Pharma-ceutical Residues, 297
  2.  Biogas Technologies and Cleaning Techniques, 347
  3.  Heavy Metals: Toxicity and Removal by Biosorption, 379
  4.  Fe–Mn Concretions and Nodules to Sequester Heavy Metals in Soils, 443
  5.  Bioremediation of Arsenic in Contaminated Terrestrial and Aquatic Environments, 475
  6.  Microbial Pathogen Inactivation Using Heterogeneous Photocatalysis, 511
Index, 543 

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