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Microorganisms in Environmental Management: Microbes and Environment

T. Satyanarayana; Bhavdish Narain Johri; Anil Prakash
Buku ini diterbitkan oleh Springer tahun 2012. Cakupan 842 halaman.
Daftar isi:

  1. Halophiles – Taxonomy, Diversity, Physiology and Applications, 1
  2.  Diversity of Enteropathogens in River Narmada and Their Environmental and Health Implications, 35
  3.  Insights into the Genetic Relationships Between Environmental and Clinical Strains of Yersinia enterocolitica Biovar 1A, 61
  4.  Role of Microorganisms in Remediation of Contaminated Soil, 81
  5.  Role of Microbiologically Rich Compost in Reducing Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, 113
  6.  Microbial Chitinases for Chitin Waste Management, 135
  7.  Diversity of Microbial Carbonic Anhydrases, Their Physiological Role and Applications, 151
  8.  Screening and Evaluation of Protease Inhibitory Peptides in Microcystis spp. – Dominant Water Blooms, 175
  9.  The Oxalate-Carbonate Pathway: A Reliable Sink for Atmospheric CO2 Through Calcium Carbonate Biomineralization in Ferralitic Tropical Soils, 191
  10.  Bacterial Degradation of Aromatic Xenobiotic Compounds: An Overview on Metabolic Pathways and Molecular Approaches, 201
  11.  Molecular Analyses of Microbial Activities Involved in Bioremediation, 221
  12.  Microbial Degradation of Pyridine and Its Derivatives, 249
  13.  Bioremediation, Bioconversion   and   Detoxification of Organic Compounds in Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent for Environmental Waste Management, 263
  14.  Bacteriophage Based Technology for Disinfection of Different Water Systems, 289
  15.  Microbial Mining of Value Added Products from Seafood Waste and Their Applications, 315
  16.  Management of Heavy Metal Pollution by Using Yeast Biomass, 335
  17.  Management of Hospital Wastes with Potential Pathogenic Microbes, 365
  18.   Oleaginous Fungi: A Solution to Oil Crisis, 403
  19.  Haloalkaliphilic Bacteria and Actino-bacteria from the Saline Habitats: New Opportunities for Biocatalysis and Bioremediation, 415
  20.  Environmental Impact from the Use of Bt Toxin, 431
  21.  Biodegradation of Mono-aromatic Com-pounds by Bacteria, 451
  22.  Bioremediation of Arsenic from Contami-nated Water, 477
  23.  Metagenomic Approaches in Microbial Bioremediation of Metals and Radio-nuclides, 525
  24.  Microbial Concrete, a Wonder Metabolic Product That Remediates the Defects in Building Structures, 547
  25.  Microbial Degradation of Cyanides and Nitriles, 569
  26.  Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydro-carbons in Soils, 589
  27.  Hairy Roots: A Promising Tool for Phytoremediation, 607
  28.  Biosurfactant-Assisted Bioaugmentation in Bioremediation, 631
  29.  Bioremediation of metals mediated by marine bacteria, 665
  30.  Microbial Denitrification and Its Ecological Implications in the Marine System, 683
  31.  Genomics Technologies in Environmental Bioremediation, 701
  32.  Coal Mine Drainage Pollution and Its Remediation, 719
  33.  Poultry Waste Management Using Microorganisms, 745
  34.  Cyanoremediation: A Green Clean Technology, 767
  35.  Microbial Decolorization of Colored Industrial Effluents, 787

Index, 815


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