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Recent Advances in System Reliability: Signatures, Multi-state Systems and Statistical Inference

Anatoly Lisnianski; Ilia Frenkel (Editors)
Buku ini diterbitkan oleh Springer tahun 2012. Cakupan 323 halaman.
Daftar isi:

  1. Signature Representation and Preservation Results for Engineered Systems and Applications to Statistical Inference, 1 
  2. Using D-Spectra in Network Monte Carlo: Estimation of System Reliability and Component Importance, 23 
  3. Signatures and Symmetry Properties of Coherent Systems, 33 
  4. Multidimensional Spectra of Multistate Systems with Binary Components, 49 
  5. Applications of Samaniego Signatures to Bounds on Variances of Coherent and Mixed System Lifetimes, 63 
  6. Lz-Transform for a Discrete-State Continuous-Time Markov Process and its Applications to Multi-State System Reliability, 79 
  7. Reliability Decisions for Supermarket Refrigeration System by using Combined Stochastic Process and Universal Generating Function Method: Case Study, 97 
  8. Importance Analysis of a Multi-State System Based on Multiple-Valued Logic Methods, 113 
  9. Optimal   Replacement  and   Protection Strategy for Parallel Systems, 135 
  10. Heuristic Optimization Techniques for Determining Optimal Reserve Structure of Power Generating Systems, 145 
  11. Determination of Vital Activities in Reliability Program for Multi-State System by Using House of Reliability, 155 
  12. Multi-State Availability Modeling in Practice, 165 
  13. Recent Results in the Analysis of Redundant Systems, 181 
  14. Multiobjective Reliability Allocation in Multi-State Systems: Decision Making by Visualization and Analysis of Pareto Fronts and Sets, 195 
  15. Optimal Incomplete Maintenance in Multi-State Systems, 209 
  16. Nonparametric Estimation of Marginal Temporal Functionals in a Multi-State Model, 219 
  17. Frailty or Transformation Models in Survival Analysis and Reliability, 237 
  18. Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Reliability Modeling, 253 
  19. On the Markov Three-State Progressive Model, 269 
  20. Multi-State Semi-Markov Model of the Operation Reliability, 283 
  21. Reliability of Continuous-State Systems in View of Heavy-Tailed Distributed Performance Features, 295 
  22. On Optimal Control of Systems on Their Life Time, 307

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